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The Community Service committee encourages members to volunteer in their communities on an individual basis, and organizes chapter-sponsored community service projects to heighten PASR’s identity as an enitity that serves the public as well as its members. 


Through Community Service our members contribute to their communities as caring people with a strong sense of commitment. The Community Service Committee plans activities to meet the need for improving and extending benefits for retirees and to encourage further services by retirees for the benefit of the community.



Klothes 4 Kids began after Mindy Fisher presented the idea to our Bucks County Chapter.  It was a unanimous decision to do this project.  Since we were in education in several Bucks County Schools, we decided to have K4k in effect for the beginning of each school year.  We knew how important it was for children to walk into the classroom on the first day feeling good about themselves.  Having new clothes and school supplies made them just like their classmates, and they were off to a good start in their new grade.

One of the first items of business for our K4K committee was to find an agency in Bucks County that dealt with children in need.  One of our committee members, Peg Wentz, who was formerly a school nurse, suggested that we work with the Family Service Association. Thus, our project began. 

The first year our goal was to fill 20 bags.  We ended with 52.  During the years we have taken part in this project, we’ve filled as many as 173 in one year and over a thousand throughout the 13 years.  


Our Bucks County Chapter of PASR was honored to receivethe Susan. B. Altomari Champion for Youth Award presented by the Family Service Association at their dinner on June 4, 2018.  We were so pleased to be acknowledged for our efforts. Attending the award dinner at the Jericho National Golf Club were Linda Peters, Meg Kramer, Ken Griffin, Eileen Sichel, Arlene Williams, and Judy Guise.

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