Fall 2021

It seems like our population is trying to get back to what they call a new normal. I’m not sure exactly what that means, but my thoughts are...

Autumn Leaves

Spring 2021

By the time this newsletter reaches your mailbox, I will have received my second and final dosage of the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine. I would like to briefly share with you my story of how this came to be ...

Yellow Narcissus

Summer 2020

Read our latest chapter updates and the adjustments we are making to coronavirus guidelines. 

Styled Garden

Spring 2020

Winter is now in our rearview mirror and, like most people, I am looking forward to the warm and sunny days of the spring and summer seasons....

Delegates October 1.png

Fall 2019

Welcome back! I hope everyone enjoyed a relaxing, healthy, and enjoyable summer. 

I would like to begin by sharing with you important information regarding PASR...

KlothesForKids 2019_3.jpg

Summer 2019

In the spring newsletter, I shared with you that we are revamping our PASR Bucks chapter’s webpage. I wrote that the webpage is a work in progress and will soon be completed. I am pleased to report that our webpage is now up and running...


Spring 2019

This is my first message as your new chapter president. I look forward to serving our membership and PASR during my tenure as president... 


Fall 2018

Although the calendar says September and children are returning to school, it still feels like summer! The good news is students returning to school can now feel safer in Penn... 


Summer 2018

The Bucks County Chapter is looking ahead to summer. We have our Klothes for Kids project beginning the end of June. We are hoping to supply clothes and school supplies...