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Spring 2022  Newsletter
Editor – Judy Guise


Arlene Williams

Arlene Headshot.png

    The Bucks chapter of PASR resumed activities this past year starting in the fall.  The workshop “Flower Designing for Wellness” was well attended and enjoyed by all.  Our group also attended a show at the Bristol Riverside Theatre in December.   The Spring Luncheon will again be at the elegant Spring Mill Manor in Ivyland.   I hope you can join us.   After our business meeting our speaker will present information about fraud and scams which are unfortunately all too prevalent.   


    On the legislative front, PASR continues to work for a COLA.  It has been a long time since the last COLA.  Taking into consideration that there are Pennsylvania budget surpluses coupled with increased inflation, the timing seems to be right. PASR asks the question - “when will PSERS be able to prioritize the retirees?” We believe this and want this year to be the one where we succeed. Along with our COLA goal, we are actively seeking increased retiree representation on the PSERS Board of Trustees. Having only one annuitant Board member is not enough.  PASR is in the process of drafting a concrete COLA proposal while supporting needed reforms, especially those that will save money through operations and investment fees. Hopefully, potential cost savings may offset the cost of a COLA. Read the most recent information regarding PASR’s fight for a COLA at

    For 2022 the Bucks Chapter will continue to provide community service and award grants and scholarships.   Please invite your friends to join. We are always looking for people willing to serve on the board.  Please contact any of the chairs listed with their articles if you are interested in serving on their committee.


Eileen Sichel, Chairperson

    Please consider donating to the SSMHF to help PASR members from across the state who are experiencing financial stress and/or in need of support due to illness or age. As more and more of our older members are asking for help, there has never been a more important time to donate. No funding comes from dues but relies only on the generosity of members or chapters. 

    Checks are deposited in a separate account used only by the SSMHF.      A coupon can be found in this newsletter to be used to make a contribution. To donate on line, go to (member login required). Donations can be made to honor or memorialize someone who has made a difference in your life or to honor a special event such as a birthday or anniversary.

    Keep our committee informed. If you are celebrating a 90 or 90+ birthday or know of a member who is, let us know so that we can celebrate those special people at one of our luncheons. Nonagenarians are welcome as guests to any of our luncheons, free of charge. Just let us know you status on the attached luncheon coupon. In addition, for future recognition, please let us know if you are a veteran or know of a member who served our country in the military.

    As always, remember to let Eileen know if you have information or questions about members in need of our support. You are our only source of information concerning those members who could use a helping hand, financially or otherwise. 


Alice Kirby, Chairperson

    In December, $200 was donated to the Fiaria Project, a Bucks County nonprofit organization that supports local foster youth by providing them with kits of clothing and toiletries as they transition to new homes. 

    The following is a portion of the thank you note received from Fiaria.

“Thank you for your generous gift of $200.00 in 2021. Your support has a direct impact on our local community, as we continue to supply Transition Kits to children being placed into foster care. These kits help children like the three brothers, all under 5-years-old, who were recently removed from a terribly abusive situation, or the 15-year-old girl, wearing tattered clothing on her way to her new foster home, who was so grateful to our volunteers for her new clothes. We are continually humbled by the resilience of these children and by our donors' generosity. Your gift helps Fiaria Project continue this important mission in these unprecedented times.”


    We also donated $300 to the Give-a-Christmas Fund, sponsored by the Bucks County Courier Times and the Levittown-Bristol Kiwanis Club.


Linda Peters, Chairperson

    Scholarship information and applications were sent to all Bucks County Public High Schools. The deadline for these is April 15.  Two scholarships are awarded, one to the northern districts, one to the southern districts.  This year the Lauretta Woodsen Awards will be given to a professional and a nonprofessional staff member in the Centennial School District.


Meg Kramer, Chairperson

    This is to let you know that PASR’s hearing benefit has changed.  HearInAmerica was purchased by TruHearing. There are a few changes that have taken place. TruHearing claims that their hearing aids are, on average, $200-$300 cheaper than those under HearInAmerica because TruHearing is larger and can offer the benefits of securing better pricing.  There also are more providers in PA with TruHearing. The cons are that TruHearing members will pay $45 for a hearing test whereas the cost for HearInAmercia was $0.  Also, members receive 1 year, rather than 3 years, of follow-up visits to have adjustments made to hearing aids.


    There are many wonderful benefits that PASR offers.  For information log onto and go to “Member Benefits.”  You must be a member of the state PASR organization to utilize these benefits.


Lynn Majewski, Chairperson

    Members of our chapter attended the Christmas program at the Bristol Riverside Theatre in December. In the fall I hope to set up another CPR class and make arrangements for a tea at a local tea room.  In October 2021

    12 members went to the Mattison Estate Welcome Center for a workshop - Designing for Wellness – Make and Take a unique wellness flower arrangement.  Brenda Sullivan, a horticultural therapist (pictured on left) guided our creativity and provided the materials needed to make the arrangements. Members admire their finished centerpieces.


Sharon Blumenthal, Chairperson

    If you noticed your label was printed RED, we would like to welcome you to our Bucks Chapter. You can use the form on the coupon page to join.  We encourage you to share this information with your friends.  You can find more information about our organization on our local unit’s website  The PASR state information can be found at It is easy to join our state organization on line. 

Ken Griffin, Chairperson


In Pennsylvania we will be electing a U.S. Senator, Governor, Lt. Governor, Congressman, all the State Senators in Bucks County, and State Representatives in the General Assembly.  Many candidates have surfaced for the statewide races in both parties. The primary will decide any contested races.  Please check Voters Guides as well as websites to become an informed voter.  PASR doesn’t endorse candidates. Local committee and State committee persons for each party are also elected in the primary.


Mail in voting is still available for the primary.  You can print an application for a mail in ballot using the Website.  If you want to vote via the mail, you should submit an application as soon as possible.



At our Fall Luncheon we elected a new Secretary and Treasurer.  After the election two members offered to serve as President and President-Elect and were affirmed at the November Executive Board Meeting.


OFFICERS FOR 2022-2023 

President – Arlene Williams

President-Elect – Judy Guise

Secretary – Sharon Blumenthal

Treasurer – Linda Peters


October 3 -5, 2021 was the biennial House of Delegates meeting in Lancaster. The main focus was the acceptance of by-law changes.  Many were approved, but the elimination of the office of treasurer at the State level failed. Newly elected officers are President Bill Neugebauer, President-Elect, Russ Diesinger, and Vice President, Mary K. Davis.

Region 1 Director, Judy Guise, and other retiring Directors on the Board were presented with citations thanking for their many years of service. The highlight of the meeting is the banquet. Bucks County members, Linda Peters, Judy Guise, Eileen Sichel, and Lyn Majewski look forward to the beginning of the festivities.


Luncheon will be held in the Terrace Court at Spring Mill Manor,

171 Jacksonville Road, Ivyland.

9:30 Registration with Coffee and Pastry, 10:00 Meeting

Please reserve by May 5 and choose entrée using insert coupon.

Entrée Choices

Chicken Limone.

Stuffed Tilapia Florentine

 Vegetable Lasagna

All entrees include a garden salad with choice of balsamic vinaigrette or Thousand Island dressing and Cheesecake with strawberry fan for dessert. 

Pastries, coffee, tea, and juice are available from 9:30 to end of business meeting.




Have you ever been a victim of fraud?  Whether you have or haven’t, it helps to be prepared.  Our luncheon speaker will be David Shallcross, Director of the Senior Protection Unit in the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General.  His topic will be “Credit Card Skimmers and Fraud.”  He will give us suggestions to protect our income while conducting financial transactions and sales and basic tips to avoid cryptocurrency scams.  There will be a question and answer session following his presentation. Be in the know by attending our spring luncheon.



MAY 18                   PRIM ARY ELECTION DAY

MAY 19                   REGION 1 LUNCHEON




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